Student services and support

A UK education in Cambodia - Receive an international learning experience.

Students at DMU Cambodia (DMUC) will receive the same learning opportunities and the highest quality academic standards and rigour in line with those students who study at DMU in the UK.  On successful completion your degree will be awarded by DMU in the UK.

We also recognise that being fully supported while you are here is critical to fulfilling your potential and preparing you for the next stage of your career and life during and after your time at DMU Cambodia. 

Student Services

DMU Cambodia will have a dedicated student support team to help deal with any issues you may have before, during and after your studies. Whether it’s finding accommodation and settling in, to arranging academic support – the support team can help point you in the right direction.

At DMUC, we are dedicated to creating an environment that focuses on students' health and wellbeing to help them to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. That includes providing resources that support their development and studies, helping them to succeed and to achieve their full potential both inside and outside of the classroom.

Academic Support

DMUC will have dedicated resources to provide extra academic support to students. 

Our Education Model 
Providing our students with the skills and experience to accelerate their career and get ahead in the competitive job market:

  • Work-ready graduates with professional experience and industry skills.
  • Internships, targeted training, coaching and research opportunities.
  • Developing key capabilities and in demand skills.
  • Courses structured to ensure progression in learning.

Our academic staff will be international. All academic staff will be involved in ongoing professional development to ensure UK university partner standards of academic excellence. 

Personal Tutor Scheme

All DMUC regardless of the level of study will have a designated personal tutor throughout their programme. 

From the moment you join the university, students are encouraged to build a relationship with their personal tutor who will support and guide them in their journey to fulfil their academic potential and to achieve their academic goals.

Going to university is a significant moment in a young person’s life. It helps them to grow as a person, not only academically and professionally, but also as an independent and successful individual. We will do everything we can to ensure DMUC students have the right university experience for them. As well as the course they will study, prospective students will need to make the most out of their time while studying.

Student safety and wellbeing
Most students adapt to their new life at university but the reality and challenges of living independently for the first time can mean some students require additional support. Student wellbeing is extremely important to us, so we will offer a range of support and welfare services, to help students make the most of their time at DMU Cambodia and support their decision of being independent and safe.

We are here to offer guidance to help both students and parents alike and to provide answers to any questions you may have. Please contact our Admissions team for any advice and support.