International experience

At DMU Cambodia, we think globally. We encourage you to study, with an international mind set, broadening your world view and expanding your opportunities.

DMU Cambodia defines itself as an international community, diverse and open to all. Our international approach to teaching enriches your studies. We aim to broaden your cultural horizons, improve your ability to communicate and develop other key skills valued by employers.

DMU Cambodia will look to offer a number of opportunities for students to spend time in other countries. 

Spending time in a different country is a great opportunity to explore a new culture, meet people from different backgrounds and gain independence. It's also an excellent addition to your CV.

Students can also participate in DMU Cambodia World programmes. DMU Cambodia World is an international experience programme for DMU Cambodia students, which aims to enrich studies, broaden cultural horizons and develop key skills valued by employers. 

Through DMU Cambodia World, we will look to offer a wide range of exciting overseas and international experiences for students.

Stand out in Cambodia and on the global stage – Employers tell us how much they value graduates with international awareness and the ability to cooperate and communicate across cultures. Our approach to learning will give you the chance to understand how business works in a global context and develop skills that could help you stand out in a competitive graduate job market.